Maintenance of the Water-cooled CNC Spindle Motor

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Maintenance of the Water-cooled CNC Spindle Motor

As CNC machine is more popular, water cooled CNC spindle motor is cheaper than air cooled spindle, and it is suitable for long time continuously working, especially for hard material milling and carving, such as stone, aluminium. But how to maintain a water cooled spindle? For water-cooled CNC spindle, we need to use correct ways to maintain it.

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For normal manual tool changer water-cooled spindle:
1. The cooling water, you can choose either tap water or deionized water. Please add a little common antirust into water (the kind used in water tank of cars is OK).
2. You need to ensure that the spindle runs normally so that you must avoid the water-cooled spindle lacking water. During operation, please check the surface temperature of the spindle regularly to prevent a hot spindle.
3. Please measure the temperature of the cooling water periodically, you’d better keep the cooling water within 30 degrees centigrade. When the environmental temperature is high (in summer), please use a big-size water tank. When the temperature of the cooling water is rising, you can lower the temperature by adding more water.
4. If you use tap water, please change the water periodically (change one time a week)
5. When the temperature in winter is below 5 degrees centigrade, please add some anti-freezing solution to the cooling water.
6. If you don’t use the CNC machine for a long time, you must use compressed air to blow out the water in the spindle until there is no water in it.
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For auto tool changer water cooling spindle:
1, the ATC spindle should connect with clean air, and the air should go through oil-water separator.
2, the spindle should be air sealed, only the sealed spindle can be run
3, the tool changer air pressure should be 4.5-7 bar, air sealed and dust removal pressure should be 2 bar
4, the cone should be cleaned by spindle cone wiper timely

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5, use suitable and high-precision tool holders (collet chuck)

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