How servo motor brake work?

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Servomotors can achieve precise position control to adapt to the whole production line needs, for example: robots can finish pick, hold, and size a series of action with high accuracy and finish processes to run smoothly, However. If the servo motor needs to stop or hold out of the power supply, the servo motor brake (servo motor braking, servo mechanism brakes) can make sure the servo motor’s rotating stops movement promptly. The servo motor brake can play a critically important role in the servo system part. The Servo motor brake can also guarantee the position with high precision and safety when the servo motor stops the work suddenly. 

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How servo motor brake work?

The engagement of a frictional element when the brake needs work. This frictional element produces resistance against the motor's rotation, use the resistance to a stop or holding motion’s rotation in one place.

From the appearance, you can see that When the servo motor works, the servo motor brake will release, allowing the motor to rotate freely. When out of the power, the brake will actuate and hold the load in one place. 

Types of servo motor brakes:

In industry, we usually use permanent magnet brakes, induction brakes, and DC motor brakes.

Permanent Magnet Brakes: If your space is limited but high performance, the permanent magnet is a good choice, it is popular because of its compact design and high efficiency.

Induction Motor Brakes: It has good performance in heavy-duty applications.

DC Motor Brakes: It can be used in various applications. It has good performance invariable speed control and rapid stopping.

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The servo motor brake key feature:

1.Zero Backlash

Servo motor braking are engineered to minimize or eliminate backlash to ensure precise and repeatable positioning.

2.High Torque

High torque ensures that they can effectively stop and hold the motor shaft, even in high-speed applications.

3.Low Inertia

The servo mechanism brakes don’t add significant mass or resistance to the motor shaft.

4.Quick Response Time

The servo motor braking can engage and disengage almost instantaneously to achieve precise control over motion.

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Application of servo motor with brake:

Consider servo motor with brake improving the safety and control, servo motor brake can provide precise control and stopping power in vertical applications, like industrial automation manufacturing lines, robotics, medical devices, conveyor systems, robotic arms, and CNC machines, and aerospace.

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Servo motors with brakes are important components in line industrial manufacturing and various control systems, servo motor brakes are an essential component in servo systems, they can guarantee the servo motor's high precision, safety, and reliability are paramount. They provide a safeguard against potential accidents and ensure that the system can maintain its position and function accurately, even in the event of power loss or emergencies.

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