ELITE VP Series VP30-FA3DH Variable Displacement Vane Pump

ELITE VP Series VP30-FA3DH Variable Displacement Vane Pump


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ELITE VP Series VP30-FA3DH Variable Displacement Vane Pump

This is ELITE VP series  vane pumps, flow capacity is 30 l/mim, flange mounting. It is a variable vane pump, the model number is VP30-FA3DH, VP-30-FA3DH.

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VP30-FA3 variable van pump detailed parameters:

Model: VP-40FA3

Conveying medium: oil pump

Driving method: hydraulic pressure

Maximum outlet pressure type: medium pressure pump (4MPa<Pd<32MPa)

Material: cast iron

Vane pump impeller stage: single-stage pumps

Vane pump suction mode: single suction pump

Vane pump impeller form: open impeller

Vane pump casing type:bag type

Vane pump pump shaft position: horizontal pumps

Structure type: other

Color: black

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There are three main types of hydraulic vane pump:

Unbalanced fixed displacement vane pump.

Balanced fixed displacement vane pump.

Variable displacement vane pump.

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VP series variable vane pumps are pressure-limiting variable vane pumps, VP30-FA3 has pressure adjustment device and flow rate adjustment device. the output flow rate of VP30-FA3 pump can be automatically adjusted according to the load changes, so that its output power is compatible with the load speed and load size, with high efficiency, energy saving, reliability and other characteristics, especially suitable for use as a power source of volumetric speed control in hydraulic systems, such as metal It is especially suitable for use as the power source in volume speed control hydraulic systems, such as metal cutting machine tools, pressure machinery, leather machinery, hydraulic stations, etc.


General applications for Variable Displacement Pump include:

• Cranes

• Excavators

• Backhoes

• Industrial Automation Systems

• High-Performance Machine Tools

• Marine Propulsion Systems

• Mining Equipment

• Medical Devices

• Wind Turbines

• Injection Molding Machines

• Some Harvesters & Tractors

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