VRSF-S9C-400-T2 NIDEC-SHIMPO ABLE Reducer Gearhead for 400W Motor

VRSF-S9C-400-T2 NIDEC-SHIMPO ABLE Reducer Gearhead for 400W Motor

• Shimpo Drives reducer

• VRSFS9C400T2

• NIDEC-SHIMPO ABLE reducer gearhead VRSF-S9C-400-T2

• VRSF SERIES inline planetary

• Planetary gear reducer

• VRSF C frame Nidec/Shimpo Reducer for 400W,0.4Kw motor

• geared motor gearboxes


NIDEC-SHIMPO VRSF-S9C-400-T2 Manufactured by SHIMPO DRIVES, belongs to VRSF series inline planetary, VRSF C frame, also called ABLE reducer, planetary gear reducer, 15 arc minutes of backlash, 1:9 ratio.


Also, we supply VRSF-S9C-400, basic information is as below:

Standard (15 arc minutes of backlash)

Frame C

VRSF series

1:9 ratio

Solid output shaft


Single step

Besides the above information, we supply:

 VRSF-5C-K-400GC II, VRSF-9C-K-400-GCll, VRSF-5C-K-750GC II, VRSF-9D-K-750-GCll, VRSF-9E-K- 1500GC II, VRSFS-40C-400-SF, VRSFS-40C-750-SD-T1, VRSF-10B-400-SC-T3, VRSF-3C-750, VRSF-5D-28FC22, VRSF -S9B-14BJ11, VRSF-15C-400-T1, VRSF-9C-400-GV, VRSF-S9C-400-T2, VRSF-PB-S9C-400, VRSF-S9E-2000, VRSF -PB-S9B-50-T1, VRSF-S9C-400, VRSF-35C-200-T3, VRXF-25D-K-19HA16, VRSF-45D-200-T3, VRSF-81E-200- T3, VRSF-5B-200-T3, VRSFS-40C-400-SD-T1 , VRSFS-40C-750-SD-T1 , VRSFS-40D-1000-SD-T1, VRSF-5D-1000-T54, VRSR-LB-S9C-400-T3, VRSF-PB-15B-100-T1, VRSF-S9E-1500-T54, VRSF-3B-50, VRSF-5B-50, VRSF-S9B-50 VRSF-15B-50, VRSF-20B-50, VRSF-25B-50, VRSF-35B-50, VRSF-45C-50, VRSF-81C-50, VRSF-3B-100, VRSF-5B-100, VRSF-S9B-100, VRSF-15B-100, VRSF-20B-100, VRSF-25B-100, VRSF-35C-100, VRSF-45C-100, VRSF-81D-100, VRSF-3B-200, VRSF-5B-200, VRSF-S9C-200, VRSF-15C-200, VRSF-20C-200, VRSF-25C-200, VRSF-35C-200, VRSF-45D-200, VRSF-81E-200.

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